Storyboards & Comic Strip Design


2-3 panel Cartoon Strip: starting at $250 ~ Please contact Corycatures to discuss

What's involved you ask?
A comic strip is planned and developed in a few stages:
1) Writing - The storylilne and plot is considered, written, revised, rehashed and finally agreed upon.

2) Character development - If we're starting from scratch then we have to design some

3) Pencilling - Start with thumbnails for an overall page composition. Then its fleshed out on the artboard.

4) Inking - Once completed, pencils get drawn over with indelible black ink. This is where shadows and light values are worked out. Finished inking makes the artwork ready for reproduction ( and it also means definitely no revisions!)

5) Coloring - Reproduced artwork is scanned into the computer and coloring is completed.


BK sample

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