Custom Caricatures


Black & White LINE | Black & White SHADED | Full COLOUR

These "in-house" caricatures are done for print &/or framing done in much more detail than the 2-minute sketch-style party caricatures done at events. Capturing the likenesses of celebrities, politicians, your best friend or your Mom, Cory is an experienced caricature artist.


1. LINE illustration in Black and White (no shading or tones added - great for reproduction on mugs, business cards and other materials)

2. SHADED illustration in Black and White (a Corycatures favorite using light and dark shading to create vivid three dimensional pictures)

3. COLOUR (illustration with all the bells and whistles for printwork, web or framed art)

Line Shaded Colour 

Black & White LINE

When you're looking for a simple approach, Black and White LINE Custom Corycatures reproduce very well for non-color print work. Even frame-able art can be striking with this approach!

LINE Samples!

SHADED Black & White

SHADED Black & White Custom Caricatures are dynamic and resemble B&W photos of old! Take the artwork to the next level when you can see the different values of light and shadow that give depth.

SHADED Samples!

COLOR Custom Caricatures

"The Full Meal Deal"! Bright vibrant either digitally colored or traditional mediums..

COLOUR Samples!