SKOOKUM - Jetfuel Music video

Hand-drawn Whiteboard video of single off of the Pleasure Cruz CD


BC Dairy - "Why Participate in a Workshop" ~ Whiteboard Video

Video footage and editing by Steve Tan

Posted on BC Click here for link to site

QUMAI - Instructional Whiteboard Video

September 17th, 2014 ~ Cool new Whiteboard video

CABgrab Stopmotion Video

Entry for the Vancouver Clean Web Hackathon ~ September 2012
Drawn on the spot, this stop motion video clip was performed for a cool new mobile phone app

A short animated music video

"During my studies at Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design, I was passed up on entrance to the Animation program two years in a row! So I took matters in my own hands and still enrolled in Animation crossover classes and Sound editing for film classes and produced this short animated music video. Based on a song I wrote and recorded about a good friend from high school who was in an unfortunate incident that made the local paper in the Cariboo." ~ Cory