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Need some pro custom artwork?! Need a great gift for somebody? Artwork for a newsletter, product or company image? Cory Van Ieperen has the skills to custom design and illustrate cartoons, comics, caricatures and much more!


Using more detail than 2-minute sketch party caricatures done at events,
CUSTOM "Studio" CARICATURES are done for PRINT and/or FRAMING!

Check out a bigger portfolio of custom: Black & White | Shaded B&W | Full Colour

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We can work together to custom design and illustrate cartoons, comics, caricatures, and much more.
Any type of artwork for a newsletter, product, blog, print or company image!

Check out a bigger portfolio of custom Illustration work for ideas:
Cartooning | Logos | Character Design | Illustration for Music | Graphic Design

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You need something eye-catching for your business!
Let's create a design that makes your brand sizzle!

Check out more samples: Logos

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When your project or brand needs someone to rally around!

Check out more samples: Character Design

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Cartooning ~  Comics ~  Character Design ~ Logos ~ Illustration:

An avid fan from an early age, Cory's life-long goal was to draw for Marvel Comics. Always building on his portfolio, he produces, writes, and draws all stages of cartoon strips and fully developed comic books. He still wants to draw for Marvel, he's just been a little busy 🙂

Single image cartoons for T-Shirts, Book Art, Web Graphics and a lot more!

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Professional Layouts for Menus, Books, Brochures & More!

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Album covers, Posters, Handbills, Websites, Logos & Artwork for Merch

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Fun ways to narrate and express an idea or point of view through story-telling

Read Comics

Story-telling at it's very best picture by picture!

Adventure awaits!

Cory produced comic strip web episodes for Big Kahuna Sports in Langley, BC

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