Caricatures – Shaded B&W

"TONE" ~ or ~ SHADED B&W

Simple Black and White Caricatures done with shading creates dynamic and 3D art! Take the artwork to the next level when you can see the different values of light and shadow that give depth.

Quality materials!

Custom Corycatures gets you an archival quality work of art using acid-free card stocks and indelible inks that stand the test of time without fading.

Fun Ever-lasting!

Great conversation pieces that can last for years to come. With consultation, we will work out the ideas for a fun piece no matter what your needs are!



For Business cards, profile pics, logos, web or anything else to set you apart


Sports teams, School classes, Office staff & extended Families Back to Top


The following three 'toons were gifts to co-workers for their hard efforts or in the case of the bottom piece a farewell gift to the staff member front & centre who was taking a position in another country! On the right, the two caricatures were from the same staff! For both projects I used the same photos which is interesting considering the people look the same but there are slightly different takes on them.

Wild & Wooly Team PIC! 
Ideas were thrown in on scenarios each person would be doing and I get to mix it up into one glorious spoof

1. LINE illustration in Black and White (no shading or tones added - great for reproduction on mugs, business cards and other materials)
2. SHADED illustration in Black and White (a Corycatures favorite using light and dark shading to create vivid three dimensional pictures)
3. COLOUR (illustration with all the bells and whistles for printwork, web or framed art)