Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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  1. How many pictures can you draw in an hour?
    Depending on the line-up and flow, I can draw 15-20 caricatures in an hour. It often will depend on the volume of people waiting in line
  2. What size paper do you use?
    My choice is tabloid size – 11” X 17” as it leaves room for funny anecdotes and those larger than life heads; however, letter or legal size can also be used for your party.
  3. Art supplies – will the pictures last long after the event?
    I use a specialty “xylene” based marker. These are the big smelly markers we know and love to get a headache from; however, the brand I use comes with a chiselled tip for line variation. When drawn on paper, they are permanent, dry immediately and do not fade over time.
  4. What is required for set-up?

    1. Placement: I carry two lights that clip to my easel for any kind of lighting set-up. A lit spot is preferred but I am very flexible in any case.
    2. Music volume: Please not too close to any music, part of the entertainment value of a party caricaturist is being able to carry on conversation and find out more about the guest while they’re being drawn. For one thing, some people are uncomfortable with being "on the spot" and chatting back and forth helps guests feel more at ease. All kinds of little details about the person may end up in the drawing making for bigger laughs, memories and a long-lasting momento of the occasion.
    3. Regarding set-up: There are differing opinions on how an artist should set-up. Some would like to see the artist so his back is against a wall as he draws his subject and guests can see him/her. I believe the entertainment value is where people can see the picture unfold from the first time I put pen to paper.
    4. Line-up/Queuing: If it can work out, I can set up my easel so that the line-up goes behind and people can watch while they wait. It has a funny way of increasing the drama as guests watch their friend being "immortalized" before their eyes and the banter is always fun! A friendly peanut gallery is half the entertainment!
    5. Supplies: Corycatures is a mobile party art unit that travels light and set-up is simple. I supply my own easel, chair and art supplies (including paper, pens, erasers and inspiration
  5. How do we hold the date? Together we can confirm the booking in writing or send a deposit to hold the date.
  6. What else do I need to know? Please do not hesitate to ask by emailing me at or call 604-813-DRAW (3729)

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