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About Me - A Brief History of me

Hi! My name is Cory Van Ieperen. I was a skilled portrait artist early on. Once during 2nd grade, I was pulled out of the class assignment to draw my entire class!

Growing up, I was an avid comic book collector and movie nut; drawing comics of my favorite music groups the Beatles and KISS as well as other super heroic oddities. My love for the creative showed through as I spent countless hours developing comic strips, dreaming up rock bands and designing role playing games that went no further than in a drawer somewhere.

During my college years, I honed a stronger familiarity with the "portrait" and became a caricaturist. I studied post-secondary level fine art for over seven years, graduating from the Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Now I work full time as a professional party caricaturist, illustrator & cartoonist.

I also play guitar and sing vocals in an original rock band called SKOOKUM!

I'm always striving to improve on my latest drawing.

Biography - (aka "Enough about me.. let's talk some more about me")

Born in Surrey, British Columbia on January 3rd, 1973, Cory spent the better part of his childhood reading comic books and listening to music. He took up the guitar in his teen years, and went on to study Fine Arts at Kwantlen University College. Having found his true calling, Cory continued his education in art, and in the year 2000, graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design.

While both his passion and talent cover a broad range of artistic disciplines ranging from painting, printmaking and drawing in a variety of mediums, to comics, cartoons, animation, and web graphics, his artistic flair comes shining through in his caricatures.

Since leaving Emily Carr, Cory continued to hone his skill and has become an accomplished caricaturist freelancing and self-employed for over 10 years. His unique ability of catching his subject's personality is evidenced by the many conventions, weddings, parties and other events he's been asked to attend, much to the pleasure of the guests.

Cory has held a position of Art Director, developing, producing, illustrating and animating online 'cartoon' video presentations for financial professionals and the investment market. He was also a large part of the team as Vice President Creative Design & Development for the Green Garden Gang; a start-up multi-level project with fruits & veggies as main characters who promote environmental awareness & healthy eating.

He continues to grow as an artist and illustrator, branching out to different styles of work and different markets where he can make himself available.

Cory the caricaturist Biography

Cory also somehow manages to pursue his second love, which is music. He's actively involved as singer/songwriter/guitarist with Vancouver original rock band, SKOOKUM, of which he's the founding member.