Theme Page


Pre-drawn & Printed before your Event! 
What better way to remember some of the biggest nights of your life! At your next special occasion, Corycatures can come prepared with pre-printed ready-made "Theme pages" that will mark your event!


Event Theme page: $50.00  (Optional)


*Pre-print Theme pages* (a true tongue twister!): Everyone gets drawn on a custom "Theme Page" with event details and a decorative border. I prepare the page offsite based on information provided by you. Theme pages are $50 extra and include all preparation and printing costs. With a four hour booking you can receive a FREE theme page to make the caricature a true memento of your event.
Includes consultation, preparation and printing. (free with bookings over four hours)

***There is an Extra charge for Theme Page with caricatures***

Get Your Logo & Brand Out There! ~ Big Business, Small Business, or Personal

Cory prefers using 11" x 17" size paper at party functions. This leaves plenty room to have a nice background with a party themed illustration or just a simple name and border along the bottom including:

- Event Date
- Event Name or main event guest
- Designs & extra theme based illustration


Specialty Pre-drawn bodies

Graduation time



Beach themes

Business and Branding