Drive-Thru Party

Drive thru parties??

I have been a Party Caricature artist since the first time I drew a high school grad back in 1995. All of my peers in the entertainment and events business have been impacted by the ongoing public health restrictions that mean no events, no gatherings and ultimately a massive financial hit.

On a brighter note, on February 28th, 2021 during the pandemic, I did a successful "Drive-Thru" event. Families at the Beth Israel Temple on Oak St Vancouver signed up to drive thru the parkade with their families and there were stations set up they could stop at as they passed through the parkade.

The DJ had purchased licensing for an FM radio channel, so (like at the drive-in), the music and his voice over could play in the car (cool idea!) .. there were jugglers, candy and popcorn bags and even a beanbag toss and finally myself and a colleague drawing caricatures of the gang in their car. They were very fast and sketchy but they were very well received and a great takeaway making for a nice day out for the families.

I sure miss the energy and social atmosphere that events and gatherings, but has anyone here considered trying to organize a similar event? Make your next birthday party, retirement or graduation an occasion! Get folks to drive-thru while I draw caricatures in a safe outdoor environment.. socialize, see your friends and family like a reception line!

Count me in helping set this up and offer some great hourly rates!

All the best!
(**Note** - the time on the sketches were how long it took to knock these out!)

quick family toon in 4 minutes Tops!
CARnival caricature study 1
CARnival caricature study 2
quick family toon in 4 minutes Tops!

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