Class of 2024 GRAD NIGHT CARICATURES ~ LIVE and IN PERSON / Face to Face


Caricature Party rates:

Grad rates will remain the same for next year:
After hours ~ $175/hour with 4 hour minimum
(Past midnight into the early morning of the next day)

Day & Evening ~ $150/hour with 2 hour minimum.

The Essentials:

~ I bring easel, chair, lights & supplies! For dimly lit rooms please locate me near an outlet, and preferably away from any speaker system (for quality conversation with guests to entertain and get information for their drawings).
~ Needed: Chairs for grads to pose
~ Output: 20 faces per hour with fun hobby/activity, in singles, duos or groups of their choice..

This is me looking at you at your next event!


Live performance caricatures at your GRAD NIGHT!!! ~ or ~ in studio drawn caricatures great alternatives to provide memento’s for Grads and other celebrations!

If I can't get to everyone in one night... I sure can IN STUDIO! Have a look!

Digital Caricatures IN STUDIO!

I simply need good photo references to get going! CLASS PHOTOS are BEST. This is priced to be similar to live event caricature, and the product and process reflects that price.

My prices per person can be $10 - $20 per face with different options available and packages to choose from below. I am happy to customize a package to meet YOUR needs and open to different ideas!

How can we still celebrate?

Package 1 - $10/face

Basic grad cap and gown on a template page

Package 2 - $12.50/face

Students can choose the activity they will be doing!
Set list available on request

Package 3 – Group caricature black and white - $15.00/face

Individuals  Arranged by artists discretion
(It’s Package 2 made into a composite GROUP Pic!)

FULL COLOR version - this same package **all color** $22/face

Package 4 - $20/face

Full color caricature of a class or group (great for Grade 7 grads)

Give the Kids a Memento of their unforgettable School years

NOTE: This is not a custom studio illustration...this is an entertainment style caricature just as if I were doing it live at a Grad event.  You will get my great first impression as an artist, (no revisions will be done and payment is due in advance or I can invoice the school directly).

A quality souvenir memento!!

Please contact me for more details and I’m open to your ideas!
Thank you,
Cory Van Ieperen, | 604-813-3729