REConnect with friends & family with Christmas Cards in 2021

Personalized Christmas Cards from Templates!
This is it! If you are ready to look ahead to Christmas, I'm offering an affordable and fun option for sending and sharing a family Holiday/Christmas message! SIXTEEN different Christmas card templates to choose from! That's Four new scenes in 2021!

I draw your faces ($25 each in color) and then assemble onto the pre-made bodies and backgrounds. Follow the link to learn more and get started!

Ready for print at London Drugs, Costco, Staples and VistaPrint  ***(Some assistance for printing will be available - see bottom of page)***

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CHRISTMAS Cards from Templates!

This year send & share YOUR Cartoon Christmas card made from my pre-made templates!
  • You can mail (and email!) out a fun cartoon of your family for these coming holidays.
  • Select one of my 12 ready for print templates.
  • $25 per face in full color.
  • Send me a good reference photo of each family member. I draw a digital caricature of each and paste onto your selected template.
  • 12 templates to choose from, (no changes or new bodies under this.pricing - some exceptions allowed based on each order)
  • Pets are allowed and are $15 per fur-baby.
Christmas Template
*** NO REVISIONS under this offer. If eye and hair color is important ensure the photos have the proper visual info. Any extra edits or changes upon completion are $25 per edit.
*** This is NOT A CUSTOM ORDER - If you want a brand new scene and background, that is charged as a custom caricature ($350 plus $25 per face after first three)***
*** any changes or extra drawing above the offered $25 per face to customize is being offered at $25/hr. ***

#1 Family Christmas Tree

Christmas Template

THIS TEMPLATE ONLY - I can ALSO offer $15 per face BLACK LINE on the color ornament.
You have a big family or a company staff! Faces drawn individually then pasted on each Christmas bauble.


#2 Snowy Winter scene

Christmas Template

A little lighter on the festive and more about the winter season. Three bodies available.

#3 Whoville Sing-Song

Christmas Template

Fans of the Grinch Who Stole Christmas can become Who's themselves. Better to send a photo of your pose with you singing, but anything works!

#4 Grinch Whoville

Christmas Template

Another one for fans of the Grinch and Whoville! Several body types available for small and large families!

#5 Tree Decorating

Christmas Template

The whole family decked out as Santa decorating the tree!

#6 Snowman building

Christmas Template

A fun outdoor scene building a confident Frosty!

#7 Outdoor Ice Skate

Christmas Template

Tons of bodies and options for an outdoor skating scene. Hockey players, Ice fishing and figure skaters.

#8 The Grinch Whoville Roast Beast Dinner

Christmas Template

Yet another fun one for fans of the Grinch! Carving the "Roast Beast"!

#9 Charlie Brown Christmas

Christmas Template

A fun outdoor Charlie Brown style family scene!

#10 Christmas Carolers

Christmas Template

A Victorian era scene of Caroling with a few options for singer bodies. Add your faces here! Haha!

#13 Santa's Workshop

12 different poses to choose from with options for a window to see the North Pole and more.

Become an Elf in Santa's workshop or even Santa! 12 poses to pick from and options for a window to the North Pole and more!

#11 The Bauble Banner

Christmas Template

Simple and Festive for sure. Your faces on colored balls.

#14 Sleigh Ride

Go for a family Sleigh Ride with the city as your backdrop!

A sleigh ride with Vancouver background or options for a snowy background instead.

#12 Snowball fight

Christmas Template

Less holiday themed and more just a fun outdoor Snowball Fight scene!

#15 Mountain Ski and Board

A full mountain ski and snowboard scene

Skiing and Snowboarding your way through the holidays with a big mountain backdrop!

#16 Frosty and Friends

Frosty the Snowman with a lookalike style and backdrop from the classic cartoon

Frosty the Snowman with a lookalike style and backdrop from the classic cartoon!  **toilet paper a "throwback" to 2020**

Your Holiday Cards Ready for PRINT!

I take care of the artwork, YOU take care of the printing. Here are my three top suggestions

You send me photos and I draw and color them digitally and prepare your template choice! Then I send the finished files back ready to send to the printer of your choice. Here are my recommendations:

COSTCO (6 x 5) - $18.99 for 50 (Click here to sign up and get started)

London Drugs (5 x 7) - $24.99 for 25 (My suggestion is a postcard style. Click here)

Staples (5 x 7) $34.50 for 50 (For the classic folded card, click here)

VistaPrint Xmas Cards (4" x 8" or 4.6" x 7.2") folded - 100 - $78.75 | 50 - $97.60 | 40 - $80.49 | 10 - $22.05
VistaPrint PostCards (5 x 7) - ( ) 100 - $34.65 | 250 - $57.75
Ready 4 Print

It's so easy!

Select photos of each of you for the card and email them to me. Let's get started!