Group Caricatures

You have a major milestone to immortalize... and NOW you have the way to do it!

Sometimes, not everybody HAS to leave your event with a caricature of their own. Sometimes it needs to be about the Guest of Honor. It can be a milestone birthday, anniversary or lifetime accomplishment. It can also be a team picture, company gathering or family reunion.

How does that work you ask?
First we'll start with a blank poster board (22"x 28"), do a quick head count, then guests take turns sitting for a couple minutes. Throughout the night people can check in or stick around and watch the whole piece unfold from the center out. The fun unfolds as party goers share ideas to add to what room there is for the bodies... many laughs abound. Check these out!

Now... on the flipside

Here's Some Other Fun I've Had Drawing At Events!

Reverse-catures? Rear-enders? Back-icatures?
The fun is not in getting a likeness of "the face" .... and the next one could be YOU or a friend.