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Flash Animation Graphics


Cory spent the better part of 2002 - 2003 working as Art Director for this start-up financial media company. The purpose of Dogwood Online is to develop friendly and simplified online cartoon presentations. These are geared to developing relationships between financial professionals and their clients.

During his time there, Cory wrote, illustrated, produced and animated all aspects of these presentations. You can view these shows at their website

Pop Records Inc.

Another Site design for Cory. I was looking for fun around the pop bottle idea. It was nixed in favor of the current look at the site.

Castaway Productions

A thorough process of adding text and making simple moves to create this semi-dreamy effect.

Cory doesn't just pursue creative arts and caricature as a career goal. He is also in an original Rock Band called SKOOKUM:

These are some fun web graphics that were once seen on their band site.

If you want more dynamic movement and action on your webpage then contact Cory for a consultation and discussion on the best uses.



Cory's website for Engineer/Producer Kyhan Smith currently an instructor at Columbia Academy.

Site artwork and design by Cory Van Ieperen.

View the site:

web gesign

Pop Records Inc

View the site:

Pop Records Web Design


Cory is a self taught web designer. With a rudimentary knowledge of Flash and Dreamweaver, you can see the work he has done here on Corycatures and Skookum Rock.

Green Garden Gang

Below are screen shots of a few sites designed with an artists eye.

View the site:



View the site:

skookum rock

Ultimate Seafood Junkies

View the site:

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