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Studio Art Studio Art! Need some pro custom artwork?! Need a great gift for somebody? Artwork for a newsletter, product or company image? Cory Van Ieperen has the skills to custom design and illustrate cartoons, comics, caricatures and much more!

Artist's Portfolio Cory has a diversity and range in the work that he does. There's no way to show it all on one page so he's split them into categories so you can see the various skill sets available for any project you have in mind.
Gift Caricatures
Black & White Caricatures for Print and Framing Gift Caricatures
These "in-house" caricatures are done for print &/or framing; in much more detail than the 2-minute sketch-style party caricatures done at events. Capturing the likenesses of celebrities, politicians, your best friend or your Mom, Cory is an experienced caricature artist.
Vancouver Canucks Caricatures Caricatures of celebrities, politiocians and sports figures
Black & White TONE shaded caricatures
Color Caricatures for Print and Framing
More Studio Art
Animations by Cory FineArts & Painting by Cory Web Design by Cory
While not classically trained in Animation, Cory has taken a personal passion in creating moving images using Flash software, filmwork and now stop motion photography
Fine Art Painting
Trained in the Visual fine arts, here's a showcase of some of the acrylic and oil painting Cory has done. Some for clients and some going back to his art school days.
Click for painting and fine arts
Web Design
Proficient with his computer, Cory can do a number of different graphics ready for your webpage using his experience with Flash animation and both bitmap and vector graphics. Cory designed this site as well as one for the original rock band he plays in among others.
Click for web design
Cartooning by Cory Character Design
Illustration for Music & Bands Graphic Design and Illustration  
Comic Strips Art SKOOKomix - Comics for Rock Band Big Kahuna Sports - Comic Series
Cartooning, Comics, Character Design
An avid fan from an early age, Cory's life-long goal was to draw for Marvel Comics. Always building on his portfolio, he produces, writes, and draws all stages of cartoon strips and fully developed comicbooks. He still wants to draw for Marvel, he's just been a little busy :)
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