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Illustration and Graphic Design
Cartooning, Logos, Banners, Mascots and other characters

album & band art graphic design
Artwork Coloured in digital! back to top
You can have brilliantly hued artwork which translates well to print material or for use on your own website
cartooning | album & band art | caricature & satire | graphic design

T-shirt artwork & design -

Helping make laughs on people's backs everywhere! Here are a few designs in 2007
T-Shirt designs for laughs
Make Mine a Shiny Shirt
T-shirts for Politics

T-Shirt Design - McDragon
Ronnie Republican
Shearwater T-shirt artwork & design -

Program cartoon design -
The St. Georges School "Shop for Saints" Grocery Program. Designed for all of their promotion material.
shop for saints
CARTOONING for Books, Cards & Business
Childrens book art Children's Book art
Children's Book art Doctor's office reminder card artwork
Poster for Book - You Must Dance
Hog Realty Illustration Royal LePage Christmas Card Illustration

Mascot & Character Design and development
Cartoon characters were designed in collaboration with various clients.

Red Rivers
Manitoba's new mascot!

Character Design - Red River
Political Character!

Character Design - Ronny Republican
The Tenant Wizard

Character Design Tenant-Wiz
Your boss is a Character!

Character Design - Peter's Posse
Clean Cut Carl
Professional and friendly for your business

Road Rage Reggie
Public Service Characters!

Character Design - Road Rage Reggie
Green Garden Gang
Character Design - GGG Character Design - GGG Character Design - GGG Character Design - GGG
Album Covers & Band Art
These album covers were designed using pen and ink illustration, then coloured with computer image software. Saving the work in high resolution, both covers were released with dynamic colour! back to top
cartooning | album & band art | caricature & satire | graphic design

Closure - Completed Fall of 2006
Prince of Peace
Prince of Peace
Rock n Roll T-shirt -
For a Vancouver band who plan to make t-shirts out of them.Denderah - Band Cartoon
Gold Mountain
Gold Mountain CD Cover Art
Rock & Roll Artwork!
This logo was completed for Surrey rock band Cetra. The design was initiated by members of the band and the finished product
Cetra-Band Logo
More Rock & Roll Logo Design!
Original bands in Vancouver Canada came together to form the Vancouver Band Alliance. This is my logo design for them (my band Skookum is involved). I liked the idea of the flying V guitar motif forming the letter in the anagram V.B.A.
VBA - Music Logo
SKOOKUM - Big Phat Sounds ~ CD design
Rock n' Roll Album Art - Promo character for band I play in, SKOOKUM. Find this image on the CD for our debut album, "Big Phat Sounds".
SKOOKUM - Big phat Sounds Front Cover (fold-out)
SKOOKUM Big Phat Sounds Cover Art & Design

SKOOKUM - Big phat Sounds Inside Cover
Big Phat Sounds Cover Art
Political Caricatures & Sports Satire
Currently unpublished, I am constantly building on a portfolio of fun cartoons to parody and poke a bit of fun at celebrities, sports professionals and politicians. Enjoy some of these samples. back to top
cartooning | album & band art | caricature & satire | graphic design

Chretien Waffles -
Digitally coloured:Former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien doing what he did best.
George W Lends a Hand -
Here's a little jab at the U.S. Bush administration's key timing in getting aid to victims of Hurrican Katrina
Hurrican Katrina aftermath with George W

Riptown 'Toons -
The following cartoons were designed and posted on the Bodog Nation website this year in 2007.
Superbowl 2007
Superbowl 2007 Cartoon

Riptown 'Toons -
NCAA Highschool Basketball -
As seen on the site, artwork designed in support of the Final Four series, 2007

NCAA 2007 Cartoon
Stanley Cup 2007 -
Here is an interesting sample of two versions of this cartoon matching the Anaheim Ducks vs. the Ottawa Senators. The original background color orange was changed so the artwork would match the color of their website.
NCAA Cinderalla Story -
This 'toon supported a storyline on the Bodog site in anticipation of the NCAA final of 2007. The articles queried if there would be a Cinderalla story of the year. As it turned out, The team to beat was the team that won it all

Bodog Cinderalla Cartooning
Stone Hands - This caricature, a fun poke at some current players on the Vancouver Canucks roster
canucks gag
Graphic Design & Logos
These maps were designed for corporate tour groups. back to top
cartooning | album & band art | caricature & satire | graphic design
Company Cartoon Logo -
Music Business Logo design
pop records

Big Kahuna logo
Cartoon of established company logo

Skookum logo
Band name logos!


Arbutus Logo
Revamped Professional Logo

grouse mtn Vancouver map
Illustration maps Illustration maps
Poster Design Poster Design - Hallowe'en
You can also have your choice of colour art with a number of colour mediums inluding pastel, watercolour pencil or even acrylic paint! kahuna
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