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Mascot & Character Design and development
Cartoon characters were designed in collaboration with various clients.
Various characters designed
for all manner of fun
Road Rage Reggie
Public Service Characters!

Character Design - Road Rage Reggie

Animal Characters & Mascots
Character Animals & Mascots
Some serious CHARACTERS!
Green Garden Gang

GreenGardenGang charactersGreen Garden Gang ~ teaching children and adults to live healthier and more active lifestyles through proper nutrition and exercise 

Big Kahuna Sports Comics
Jakes Progress - Teen book
Jakes Progress
Sister, We Need to Talk ~ Womensville
Mister Moneybag$ - Created for non-fiction book
Tenant Wiz
In preparation for the launch of the company, scenes for a YouTube commercial were developed in conjunction with a song/jingle to drive the ad. The commercial lwas ultimately shleved :(

(Vector Graphics)

(Vector Graphics)
wiz(Vector Graphics)
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