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Cartoon Artist
I've been a comic book fan from a very early age! Through good story-telling and dramatic effect, I hope my love for the medium shows!

Big Kahuna ~ Cory produced comic strip episodes for Big Kahuna Sports.

big kahuna spot

The story follows the exploits of Mel Schlick, an unfortunate dude who stumbles across a very fortunate discovery: An ancient and mystical Hawaiian mask that transforms Mel when he wears it. Follow his adventures! Follow the series here on Corycatures!

big kahuna
Interlok Roofing (first series)
These are seperately rendered strips that tie together for one message. All three strips below were printed in a series for a local advertising mailer(see a sample mailer on the corporate page).
  Interlok Roofing (second series)
These are the second set of strips. This set combined for some of their USA locations.
interlok a   interlok
interlok b   interlok
interlok c   interlok
Closing the Sale
Pen and ink and colored digitally. Developed for Talius' quarterly newsletter.closing the sale
Dad's first diaper - Developed as a gift for Cory's father shortly after the birth of his baby brother.Dad's first diaper
Print ready - " Scanman"
A short strip developed for scanning equipment company, S.D.M.S. This strip was published in their annual product catalogue

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